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We invite submissions on a wide range of research topics, spanning both theoretical and systems research. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Human-Computer Interaction, Graphics and Multimedia:
Theoretical Foundations, Algorithms, and Machine Learning:
Computer Graphics and Multimedia
Theoretical Computer Science
Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality
Algorithms and Bioinformatics
Computer Vision
Artificial Intelligence
Computer Animation
Computational Intelligence
Digital Signal and Image Processing
Genetic Algorithm
Geographical Information Systems (GIS / GNSS)
Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems
Human Computer Interaction
Soft Computing
Internet and Web Applications
Natural Language Processing
Multimedia Applications
Expert Systems
Multimedia systems and services
Data Mining
Pattern Recognition and Multimedia
Knowledge Data Engineering
Web and internet computing
Intelligent Information & Database Systems
Networking, Communications, and Security:
Computer Systems, Software Engineering, and Programming:
Computer Networks and Data Communication
Automated Software Engineering 
Cyber Security
Compilers and Interpreters
Data Communications
Computer Architecture & VLSI
Distributed Systems
Computer Based Education
E-commerce and E-governance
Computer Simulation
Information Systems
Control Systems
IT policy and business management
Digital System and Logic Design
Mobile and ubiquitous computing
Distributed and Parallel Processing
Networking and communications
Distributed and Parallel Systems & Algorithms
Security & Cryptography
Embedded System and Software
Security and Information Assurance
Event Driven Programming
High Performance Computing
Technology Management
Modeling and Simulation
Ubiquitous Computing
Parallel and Distributed Computing
Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing
Parallel and Distributed Systems
Wireless Sensor Networks
Performance Evaluation
Applications and Systems:
Programming Languages
Bioinformatics and Scientific Computing
Reconfigurable Computing Systems
Biomedical Engineering
Data Management, Security, and Reliability:
Computer-aided Design and Manufacturing
Computer Modeling
Computing Ethics
Data Compression
Computing Practices & Applications
Data Encryption
Decision Support System
Database and Information Retrieval
Embedded Systems
Database Systems
Game and Software Engineering
Dependable, Reliable and Autonomic Computing
Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GIS / GNSS)
Grid and Scalable Computing
Manufacturing Systems
Information Retrieval
Power Systems
Risk Management
Real time Systems
Software Engineering & CASE
Robotics and Automation
System Security